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About Us for Speexch™
Speexch™ is a Virtual Telephone PBX service provided by Message Exchange Center.


A service designed for that busy person who needs to be readily available yet enjoys their privacy.
No matter how busy you are or demanding your work is, you have the assurance that your calls are not lost.
Speexch™ is a flat rate service that takes your calls, screens them and gives you the choice whether you want to talk to the caller now or return their call later.
Always reachable with Speexch™

"One of the solutions to avoid missed calls."

The better alternative and with big savings ...
"The solution is not with the phone, it is with Speexch™."
Speexch™ Is The Solution

Speexch™ People

Kinds of people who loves Speexch™
Always there to answer your call™

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