Automated Live Receptionist

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A Service Provided By Message Exchange Center

  • Speexch™ Virtual Office Telephone PBX
  • Speexch™ is a service ideal for a busy person who do not want to miss their calls yet who want their calls screened and still be able to talk to them right away by being patch/connected to the caller.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a private Virtual Telephone PBX System combined with automated answering service at a fraction of the cost.

  • Speexch™ is a virtual office telephone PBX system  that provides you with a virtual receptionist AND answering service to handle all your calls 24/7.
  • Having an "Automated" receptionist with the capacity to receive and answer multiple calls simultaneously.
  • It also has the benefits that a live answering service can provide:
  • The capability to screen calls for you and to be able to patch/connect to every caller, still holding, without having to hang up and redial their number.
  • All this while still able to receive other calls, place them on queue without interrupting the person you are currently talking with.

All these for as low as $0.90 cents USD per day!

Unlimited Calls AND Unlimited Patches.

  • All your call-forwarded calls are answered 24/7 with your own customized greeting.
  • By call-forwarding your mobile phone OR any telephone number to Speexch™, ALL your calls are SCREENED.
  • You will be notified immediately by text letting you know that there is a caller on hold and waiting.
  • AND/OR, you can also choose to have the option to be notified by calling you directly on your USA or Canada telephone number.
  • Upon responding, you will know who is holding and the reason for their call.  You then have the option to patch (connect) yourself to the caller or you can return their call later at a more convenient time.
  • If for some reason you are not able to respond, as an option, your caller can be redirected to our live agent.  Our live agent then will attempt to reach you giving you the choice of patching you to the caller.  And if the caller had hang up, our live agent will connect you to their USA or Canada telephone number.  This Live Agent feature is ONLY available to Medical Accounts.
  • You can use Speexch™ anywhere.

Speexch™ is always ready to answer your calls.


Your "Automated Live Receptionist" is your assistant  waiting and ready to take those calls.  You do not have to worry about missing any important phone calls.  Learn More!

Work more efficiently

Let Speexch™ professionally manage your calls

Never miss phone calls

Each and every caller would be able to talk to you.  You have the choice at your fingertips.  You can take the call now or return it at a more convenient time.

Waiting for your calls.

About Speexch™

A Virtual Office Telephone PBX.

"Automated Live Receptionist" gives you the benefits from both worlds.  Automation and Live Service.

Automation delivers you efficiency and consistency in how all your calls can be answered simultaneously and consistently PLUS  a huge savings in cost.

You also greatly benefit from that personal touch that a "live service" gives you - the ability and convenience to be patched to the caller.

For busy persons like you, you are able to know beforehand any pertinent information, the reason and purpose for the call and who is on hold.

SPEEXCH™ gives you all of these!


"Always there to answer your call™"
Always there to answer your call™

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